Captured in stunning frames by Will Douglas, in collaboration with Till Dawn agency.

The Lost Lionesses are a team that played in the Mexico World Cup in 1971. The tournament launched the team to overnight fame and stardom as they played in front of crowds of 90,000. But on their return to England, this support fell silent – the players were subsequently banned from playing football; some to never play again – such was the lie of the land in Women’s football back in the early 70s.

Due to the structure of the ‘unofficial’ tournament, our team from ’71 are yet to be officially recognised and that inspired us to think creatively about alternative ways to congratulate and commemorate this team for being true pioneers of Women’s football.

The project is supported by the FSA (Football Supporters Association) and is a fan-led initiative which connects contemporary design with some truly meaningful pieces of history.

The team collaborated with designer Sophie Hird to create 14 unique England caps. Designed, created, upcycled and presented by football fans who like so many have been touched by the story of this great team.

In addition, the creative team collaborated with Jon-Paul Wheatley to create a 1 of 1 Mitre Football which is inspired by Mitre’s rich history in supporting Women’s Football. This was gifted to the family of Harry Batt, the coach from ’71.