Kids are natural creatives. Picasso knew this. “Every child is an artist,” he said. “The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up…”

Photographer Will Douglas revisited his childhood while shooting a campaign for Kroo, a new digital bank. The client was after naturalistic images of diverse people doing everyday things. Will worked with three genuinely close-knit groups – a couple with their young children and two sets of mates. The first two of these were Will’s own friends, the third street-cast talent.

Documentary-style, he took their lead capturing weekend meetups and visits to the skatepark in sunshine infused real time. The brief gave him the freedom to follow his instincts, responding to situations spontaneously, as they unfolded. In the odd shot, a phone appears here, a bank card there, but these never feel contrived. And that’s because they’re not.

Hanging out with the three-year-old and his family was a particular eye opener for Will. Through the immersive two-day shoot, Will found himself experiencing life like a toddler – with limitless curiosity, playfulness and imagination. A refresher in the attributes of a great artist.

“The client wanted the images to be relatable. You can look at the images and think, that’s my family or, those are my mates – doing simple stuff everyone does. These are real moments.”

Will Douglas


Photographer/ Director – Will Douglas
Client – Kroo
Agency – 20 Something
Producer – Christine Pagliarini
Digi Op – Nina Close
Stylists – Molly McIntyre
Hair & Make-Up Artist – Nancy Duval Smith