Posing for the camera can be daunting if you’re not a pro.

When workwear brand Wolverine wanted some pictures for a campaign, who better to model their line of boots and shoes than their very own workforce? And who better to shoot imagery than photographer-directors Amit and Naroop?

The duo excel in bringing out the best in talent – whoever they are. It’s partly down to personality. They are by nature curious, friendly and down-to-earth but they also have a few techniques up their sleeves. Plus, Amit’s dog, Teddy, is always a conversation starter, putting everyone at ease.

Amit and Naroop had just an hour to shoot stills and film with each subject.

An office chair here, a pen there – little visual pointers tell us we’re looking at personnel. Bright, block-coloured backdrops, shot with a rare Profoto Zoom spot that illuminates the subject in a rectangle of light, casting dramatic shade, the portraits brim with joy. Acrobatic high kicks and big wide smiles – these are not your typical staff headshots.

“We find with ‘real’ people, it’s nice to involve them in the creative process, showing them shots as we go, encouraging them to express themselves. It’s about breaking down barriers.”

Amit and Naroop


Agency – Mercieca
Client – Wolverine
Photographer/Director Amit and Naroop
Producer Kat Perry
DOP – Jacob Lewis
Photo Assist – Richard Bartram
Lighting Assist – Max Barlow
BTS Videographer – Kabir Lota
Wardrobe & Props – Charlotte Kennedy
Wardrobe Assist – Sara Muhammad
Hair & Make Up – Victoria Poland // Sophia Cox