Where we’re from. Where we’re at. Where we’re going.

Three statements inextricably linked in this New Balance ‘We Got Now’ campaign, shot by Amit and Naroop. Naturalistic and raw, their images of football powerhouse Raheem Sterling evoke a sense of nostalgia to even those unfamiliar with his beginnings.

Ear To The Ground agency got in touch with the London-based photographers after spotting their ‘Change is a Team Sport’ campaign for adidas. This time, Amit & Naroop and their team were tasked with making the most of bold styling and contrasting architecture to give a feeling of hopeful vibrancy to the portraits, as well as giving a subtle nod to Sterling’s past to acknowledge the juxtaposing path he is on now.

Shooting in Manchester with limited time, adverse weather and COVID restrictions, Amit and Naroop thrived. The duo’s strength lies in their ability to connect quickly (perhaps on account of a combined double act effort!) with their subjects and translate this relationship without so much as breaking a sweat.

“We wanted to create something vibrant and fresh, giving a flavour of what it was like for Raheem growing up.”

Photography – Amit & Naroop⁠
Client – New Balance ⁠
Production – Ear to the Ground