In ‘On, In, By‘, Emily Scarlett Romain uses intimate water-based portrait photography to offer an inclusive place where everyone can find joy in their own way.

Her raw, buoyant, imagery shows how water can give a fresh perspective. A chance for everyone to feel small and weightless, to relax and be moved by something so much bigger than us as individuals. To some, shooting out at sea with only 36 frames on a 35mm camera may seem restrictive, but to Emily it’s freedom. Each shoot is consciously selective and ensures she is truly in the moment with her subjects. Never voyeuristic, her stills and motion capture a distinctive adventure she is very much a part of. Touch, smell, beauty, experimentation and lived experience are a vital part of her process.

"There's a happiness and a sense of calm that comes with being by water, so the people I photograph are a freer, more adventurous version of themselves."

Emily Scarlett Romain