There’s an ease and an optimism to Emily Scarlett Romain’s golden-hued pictures of relaxed, happy couples that feels like a real tonic.

At Trayler approached the London-based photographer with the Bumble commission on the back of her earlier work for Durex, tender, joyful portraits shot – like these – with real couples. Bumble were keen to move away from the cheesy romantic tropes of red and pink, hearts and roses. Emily’s natural, diary-like style was a perfect fit.

Her pictures show couples at different stages of getting to know one another – chatting from home on their smartphones, meeting up on a bench in the greenery of Walthamstow Marshes. Those small moments are stepping stones along the journey into a new relationship.

I wanted to show dating that wasn't contrived – to appreciate just going for a walk with someone, sitting together on a bench. Those are the little, everyday moments that people miss.

Emily Scarlett Romain

Client – Bumble
Agency – Fate v Future
Art Director – Tim Cooper⁠
Photographer – Emily Scarlett Romain
DOP – Jacob Lewis
Production – At Trayler
Digi Op – Giles Smith
Lighting – Richard Bartham⁠
AC – Daniel Ali
Gaffer – Owen Porter
⁠Styling & Props – Issy Gibbons
Make Up Artist – Theresa DaviesCasting – Kate and Lou Casting
Talent – Andrew Pinnock, Chloe Nester, Matt Hunter, Anuschka Rapp, Abigail Huan & Moshi the dog