We barely notice the little things that keep life moving along.

When you’re staring into your lover’s eyes, you’re probably not dreaming of doing groceries and when you’re gardening, your mind is on planting designs, not where you bought your gloves. But the everyday essentials facilitate it all; the social gatherings, the home improvements and big changes that make up the special moments we treasure in our lives. That’s the concept behind ‘Shortcut to Living’, Emily Scarlett Romain’s campaign for Lidl.

Working around the TVC shoot team, Emily brought a cinematic look, elevating and refreshing the unpretentious supermarket’s visual aesthetic. It was important to the client that the images had a lightness and humour, too. Thanks to Emily’s signature style – unstaged, dynamic, bathed in natural light – they feel tangible and true.


Photography – Emily Scarlett Romain
Client – Lidl
Agency – BBDO Berlin