The pictures for ‘Mod UK’ were taken over five years in locations across the UK, including London, Margate, Liverpool and Brighton and were exhibited at the Subculture Archives in Carnaby Street. Owen tried to incorporate a range of ages and styles of mod in the shots. Looking at the pictures its easy to see that the subjects enjoyed the process as much as the photographer.

‘If you dress well, you want to be seen. A lot of these people put real time and effort into looking brilliant, which makes my job a lot easier. But most importantly they are passionate about what they are into. All the photos are shot in black and white and on film – nothing is digital here. It goes with the idea of authenticity – maybe they could have been shot in the 50s or 60s and hopefully a lot of them still have that timeless feel about them’ says Owen.

'All the people that I’ve met in the mod scene, whether they are 16 or 60 – all have this infectious enthusiasm and energy about them which I hope comes across in the pictures.'

Owen Harvey