Sometimes, more is more.

Owen Harvey’s commanding photography series, Another Man’s Gold explores expression, identity and maximalism through the lens of a subject’s most naturalistic surroundings – home.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, a clear affirmation throughout Owen’s work. After meeting Paul Abraham, a committed collector of vintage obscurities, he became fascinated in how home interiors reflect the niche interests, lifestyles and personalities of those who inhabit them. From small rented flats, through to stately homes, he was invited into the living spaces of a dominatrix, taxidermy enthusiast, naturist and more.

Owen’s celebratory portraits convey how character is both reflected and constructed through glimpses of loud clothing and eclectic interior design. His ability to swiftly build rapport flows through each frame. Not only showing a window into the subject’s sanctuary, but their ease in sharing it. Respect, storytelling and inquisitivity are vital to his process. One shoot often organically leads to another through word of mouth for eccentric subjects and spaces.

“It was an assault on the senses, in the best way. I find people that show who they are in a very visual way through clothing and interiors, are unbelievably fascinating.”

Owen Harvey