Even Silicon Valley’s top tech luminaries limit their kids’ screen time.

Because, while we all have our animated heroes (we’re looking at you, Bluey and Bingo), there is something about listening to stories being read to you, rather than watching them, that sparks the imagination in a whole different way. Little minds drift off and dream, crafting big wide worlds of their own making. Sophie Harris-Taylor’s recent campaign for Yoto had this message.

A screen free audio device for children, Yoto encourages independence as kids insert cards of their choice to play audiobooks, podcasts or music. Sophie’s portraits reflect this, presenting young listeners lounging at home, on sofas, the garden or their rooms, their eyes engaged but staring somewhere far away – as animal ears grow from their heads!

Sophie’s work always strikes a warm and truthful chord which, combined with an air of magic realism, makes them feel like something straight from a fairytale. Ending, of course, with a happily ever after.

“Yoto is about cultivating independence in children so in this shoot we showed them turning into the story characters of their imaginations, bringing an element of fantasy into relatable settings.”


Client - Yoto
Agency - Insiders
Creatives - Ben Da Costa, Fiona White, Thomas Farrall and Tom Zarenko
Producer - Vicki Pettifer
Assistant Producer - Daron Bailey
Photographer - Sophie Harris-Taylor
Digi - Aurelie Lagoutte
Photo Assistant - Jonny Greenwood
Styling - Natasha Freeman
Props Assistant - Holly Ross
Wardrobe Assistant - Esme Whiteside
SPX (ears) - Millennium FX
Creature Technicians - Martina Sandelin and Sam Di Giuseppe
Casting - Tracie Hunter

Big thanks to the little star talents!