This set of images come from the 3rd chapter of Sophie Harris-Taylor’s ongoing, long-term project, MTWTFSS, a diaristic chronicle of her everyday life and the people who surround her; those in-between moments that might otherwise melt out of memory, gone forever.

Immersive and affectionate, they show Sophie’s family on vacation in Greece. Limbs piled on limbs, a little squidgy body in only a nappy, legs lounging by the pool or on a bed. This is what we spend long six months of British showers craving – downtime. A week of certain sunshine. For Sophie, there is a creative energy that comes with being off timetable, working in that beautiful, blazing light. Everything takes on greater significance, feels somehow special. Maybe it’s how the cyclical nature of an annual summer getaway marks the passage of years. The bittersweet feeling that a toddler will no longer look like a big baby in next year’s pictures, but a small child.

They may have been shot in recent years but these images speak to the timelessness of summer holidays. They recall the holidays we went on as children, perhaps those we’ll go on with our own children. These vacations are never really a break when you’re a mother. Or when you’re a photographer, for that matter. And Sophie wouldn’t have it any other way.

“A summer holiday isn’t a relaxing break when you’re a parent. You’re never ‘off. And it’s the same with my camera. I would never think not to bring it with me. It gives me such pleasure.”

Sophie Harris-Taylor