Welcome to California. No, not that California… Rhiannon Adam’s campaign for Tesco takes us on a road trip around the UK to places with better known international counterparts. As well as California in Great Yarmouth, she shot in Boston, Lincolnshire, and Moscow, East Ayrshire, producing images with a similar tone to her documentary series, Don’t Push Me ‘Cause I’m Close to the Edge.

Just like that project, this was inspired by the rise of the staycation in post-Covid, climate conscious Britain. Spots that might not have made it onto our list of holiday destinations now have a new, home-spun charm, with the familiar Tesco store on hand for provisions. The three series, comprising stills and motion, would be used on social media and Out-Of-Home advertising.

For each, Rhinanon had certain shots to capture, which she researched on Instagram and Google Street View, but a lot was on the fly. Her biggest challenge – Highland cattle. After a local tip off, she drove half an hour, scaled a fence into their enclosure and got her picture lying in a pile of dried up cowpats, hoping the bull was friendly. Beat that for an adventure, Moscow.

“It was all hands on deck, flipping over Tesco trolleys to keep car parking spaces free, keeping watch while I climbed into a highland cow enclosure, or chatting to strangers for local tips…”

Client – Tesco

Agency – BBH

Creative – Hugo Catraio

Creative – Alex Mendes

Producer – Pippa White

Photographer – Rhiannon Adams

Producer – Kay Edwards

Assistant – Suzy Rafterty