Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl. So goes the plot of almost every Hollywood Rom-Com. But this well-worn formula is just one of many possible love stories. Niv Shank has always been intrigued by the ambiguities to be found in romantic relationships, especially among young people who are more inclined to question social norms.

Shot in a serene lakeside setting in East Berlin, Love observes the blossoming intimacy between one girl and two boys through stills and motion. It’s part of a wider ongoing project, By the Lake, inspired by the youth of former Eastern bloc countries who spend their vacations sunbathing, partying and falling in love by the water. Soft light combined with popping primary colours lend an old school, cinematic feel to the images.

Is it a love triangle? A holiday fling? A friendship on the verge of something else? We’re never quite sure. And that is precisely the point.

“I’ve always been very fascinated by different forms of romantic relationships. This series is about trying to present another take on love.”

Niv Shank

Director – Niv Shank
Cinematographers – Jon Wolf & Bastian G. Godoy
Stylist – David Herrera
Editor – Yael Elbee
Colorist – Maciej Sowilski
Design & Animation – Roy Sturdy
Production Assistant – Robert Somionka
Stylist Assistant – Emre Wagner
Talent – Krista Tcherneva, David Jainz, Edward Moll
Music – Summer is for Falling in Love by Sarah Kang